Xcitium platforms stand out in the field of cybersecurity for their advanced features, for detection and response to threats. Below are the key capabilities of Xcitium reflected through this prism:

Advanced Detection and Response (EDR and XDR)

Xcitium provides endpoint detection and response (EDR) and extended detection and response (XDR) solutions, providing comprehensive and deep coverage against cyber threats. These platforms allow the identification and neutralization of threats in real time, ensuring comprehensive protection for companies

Protection against sophisticated threats

Uses kernel-level virtualization to isolate and neutralize unknown and advanced threats, including ransomware and zero-day malware, ensuring effective defense against complex attacks

Real-time analysis and automatic response

Xcitium solutions analyze suspicious behavior in real time and respond automatically to minimize the impact of attacks, protecting critical systems and sensitive business data

Containment of ZeroDwell threats

Xcitium’s patented technology reduces threat dwell time on systems to zero, intercepting and isolating attacks before they can cause damage

Prevention of unknown and zero-day attacks

Capable of preventing up to 450,000 unknown attacks daily, Xcitium offers an additional layer of security that goes beyond traditional detection, protecting against the latest and most advanced threats

Simplification of safety management

Through its single-agent architecture, Xcitium facilitates the implementation and management of security, allowing companies to effectively defend against a wide range of threats without additional complications