Category: Incident

Cyber Wargame

Cyber wargames represent a structured cybersecurity training exercise designed to simulate real-world scenarios. These exercises are tailored to bring together both offensive (Red Team) and defensive (Blue Team) cybersecurity professionals, fostering collaboration and competition.

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Digital Forense

Forensic digital involves the collection, analysis, and preservation of digital evidence for legal investigations, utilizing specialized techniques and tools to ensure the authenticity and integrity of digital information. It plays a crucial role in supporting digital investigations and litigation by providing solid forensic evidence.

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Incident Response With AI

AI-Enhanced Incident Response by Mercurius & Radiant Security! Navigate cyber threats smartly with AI in your Security Operations Center. Our AI-driven approach boosts your SOC's efficiency, ensuring precise alert analysis and prioritization. Experience comprehensive, automated alert triage, closing security gaps and amplifying your defense strength. Revolutionize your incident response, ensuring vigilant, effective security operations.

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