These aspects highlight the ability of Fluid Attacks to offer comprehensive protection adapted to the specific needs of the financial sector, helping companies to strengthen their security, comply with regulatory requirements and protect your customers' critical assets and sensitive information.

Analysis of Source Code

By detailed analysis of application source code, Fluid Attacks can identify security flaws and vulnerabilities that could be overlooked by automated tools, thus offering an additional layer of protection.

Specialized Penetration Tests

Through specialized penetration tests (pentesting), Fluid Attacks simulates cyber attacks against systems, applications and networks of financial companies to assess their resistance to intrusion attempts and exploitation of vulnerabilities.

Regulatory Compliance

Fluid Attacks helps financial market companies comply with industry-specific information security regulations, such as PCI DSS, GDPR, and other local and international regulations, through compliance assessments and recommendations to mitigate gaps.

Continuous Vulnerability Assessment

Fluid Attacks offers continuous vulnerability assessment services, allowing financial companies to proactively identify and remedy security weaknesses in their information systems before they can be exploited by attackers.

Security in the Cloud

With the increased use of cloud services in the financial sector, Fluid Attacks provides specific security assessments for cloud environments, ensuring that cloud-hosted infrastructure and data are adequately protected against unauthorized access and other cyber risks.

Safety Training and Awareness

In addition to offering technical services, Fluid Attacks can also contribute to improving the security posture of financial companies through training and awareness programs on safety for employees, promoting a safety culture and helping to prevent safety incidents caused by human error.