We Deliver Premier Cybersecurity Solutions, Representing Leading Brands in the Industry.

We deliver cutting-edge solutions across various cybersecurity domains, ensuring robust, comprehensive protection for your digital assets. Trust us to integrate the prowess of these renowned brands into your security strategy.

Xcitium platforms stand out in the field of cybersecurity for their advanced features, for detection and response to threats. Below are the key capabilities of Xcitium reflected through this prism:

Proofpoint offers advanced cybersecurity, specializing in email protection, data loss prevention, and threat intelligence, safeguarding against email threats, ensuring data security and compliance.

Radiant Security is an AI-driven company that develops an advanced security and operations (SecOps) platform. The platform automates critical security processes like alert triage, attack detection, root cause analysis, and incident scope identification. It also focuses on attack containment, remediation, and data stitching, enhancing the productivity of security analysts and ensuring rapid response to threats.

Fluid Attacks is a cybersecurity company specializing in application security testing services. Their solutions include red teaming, penetration testing, ethical hacking, secure code review, and vulnerability management, aiming to build secure applications by identifying vulnerabilities in the software development lifecycle through both automated tools and the expertise of ethical hackers.

Ridge Security is a leader in exposure management, focusing on developing innovative cybersecurity products. They provide CISOs and security teams with solutions that reduce risk through validation and improve efficiencies using automation. Their key offering includes RidgeBot, an intelligent penetration testing robot that automates security validation services, enhancing security posture by identifying and addressing vulnerabilities effectively.

Drata is a security and compliance automation platform that continuously monitors and collects evidence of a company’s security controls. It streamlines compliance workflows end-to-end, ensuring audit readiness and facilitating the compliance journey.

Vicarius is a cybersecurity company that focuses on eliminating threats before they impact security hygiene. Their product, vRx’s Patchless Protection, reduces the risk of security breaches, even without available patches, by using in-memory protection to shield vulnerable applications. Additionally, Vicarius develops vRx, an autonomous end-to-end vulnerability remediation platform.

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